Privacy Policy

Thank you so much to know about our privacy policy. It is made to better service to our all visitor. First of all, you have to know about privacy policy and maintain the system. This privacy keeps you safe. Here we mean and you mean a visitor to this website. How we serve properly on our website. It is very important for all. If you read clearly all topics, you will get details about this info.

What is privacy policy?

Privacy Policy is a regulation or agreement between a website owner and visitor. It is the most important for the visitor because they visit a website for their information. The visitors have to know about privacy policy. This very much helps for the visitor.

When do we Collect information?

While you are visiting our website but then we don’t collect your information. But sometime when you will try to join on our website, you may ask to submit your personal information. We also ask you, you are login or sign in or register for your info in our site. If you don’t want to sign on our website, we won’t ask your information. So, it is very important that when you will sign up or register your information, then we also collect it.

What personal information do we share?

When you will sign up or registered on our website, we will ask your Full Name, your Age, your email Address, your Address (Location) and your Contract Number.

What types of information do we share?

It is very important topics for all. We collect some information from Smartphone official address. When they are published a new model Smartphone on their official website, then we collect this information. And published on our website. So all Smartphone information is available on this site.

How do we use your information?

When you sign up or register for a newsletter from our website, then we automatically collect your information. We do this info for your better experience like promotion, new products, administer a contest, survey and many other features from our website.

Do we use Cookies?

This is very annoying. We don’t use cookies for the tracking process on our website. You can learn more cookies from your browser help menu.

Third-party link:

In our official website, we do not use include or offer third party product or service. If you see any product about the third party URL on our website, it does not provide any guarantee. So do not be frustrated.

Advertisement Policy:

This topic is very important for everybody. In this site, we use Google Ads from Google. Google will be collecting your information from your browsing history, cache, and cookies ads to you. When you will log in with Gmail ID from your browser in our website, you can see many ads on this site. And which is very important for your personal life. You can set Ads personally from For more details please visit Google Adsense Policy page to know more about Google Ads Policy.

Contacting Us:

If you have a question about this topic you can contact us. We have solved your problem. Again thank you so much for visiting our website.