Samsung Galaxy S9+ Release date, Price, Space & all Features

Samsung Galaxy S9+ release date, price, specification and all features are available and update on this website. This phone authority launch with update technology. It is used for the more beautiful thing and attractive for all. This phone quality is good. We hope if you can buy this phone, you can to win by buying this phone. In the next update, not only this phone but also other phone are available and update technology. In this article, you may know about this phone release date, price, space, design, all feature and another important thing. So, you stay with us and our all post one by one.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Release date

Samsung Authority fixed this phone release date. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ will be released on Friday, 16 March 2018. It was announced on 25 February at World Congress in Barcelona. You can find all the latest pre-order offers our deals comparison review. You can buy this phone after release the phone. So, you stay with us.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Price

Price is very important for the customer. So, you have to know this phone price. In this article, Samsung Galaxy S9+ price is available here! This phone will be priced at $840. It is expected to be available from most major retailers and network providers. And several have set up pages where you can register your interest for a pre-order. You can find all the latest pre-order offers our deals comparison review.

Samsung Galaxy S9+


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specification

Space is more important for a good smartphone. A big number of internal storage makes a phone strong. Which phone has more internal storage, that phone makes more beautiful. This phone RAM is 6 GB and 64 GB ROM. This phone use micro SD card up to 400 GB. It is very high quality to use a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Feature

The display is attractive to a new smartphone. This phone display is a 6.2 inches QHD + super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960. This equals 567 pixels as like as per inch, which should allow for a super-crisp and clear picture of the high device.There’s still a glass back, a rounded display on the front and slim bezels, with the aim of merging the screen almost seamlessly with the body of the handset.

All of the most important of all phones that is camera feature! A camera makes a phone more beautiful. This phone camera resolution is 12 MP rear sensor with optical image stabilization. That is attractive to a customer to buy this phone. This is a very high-resolution camera.

This phone has 3,500 mAh Li-ion battery. There’s wireless charging technology here again too. So, you will be able to use a variety of different pads to charge up your phone without plugging it in.

This phone Wi-Fi quality is very good to all. The device connectivity option includes Wi-Fi 901.11a/b/g/n/. Bluetooth v7.0, 4G SIM, NFC and type C USD port and other extra update feature have included in this phone. It is more update for all.

Finally, we hope that you can clearly know about this phone release date, price, space, design, and all features. If you any question about this phone, you can commence in our comment box and we reply you very shortly. Thank you so much.