Huawei P11 Release date(UK), Price, Specs, Design and wish list

About Huawei P11

In this website, Huawei P11 is update and the latest version available. You also get here this phone release date, price, design. However, according to anonymous sources. The P11 will come out in April instead. It’s probably no surprise given the trends 2017 to see ramous that Huawei will opt for a bezel-free screen with its P11 this year. The company has already adopted a minimal bezel display.  If you know information about this smartphone, you should stay with us and visit our website step by step.

Huawei P11 Release Date

Huawei P11 are lunch date available here. This Phone will have been released in April 2018. This seems to be linked with Huawei’s setbacks penetrating the US market. You can buy this phone. So you can stay on our website and follow our instructions.

Huawei P11 Price

After the release of the P10 at £550 and the P9’s  £450 price tag. We hope the P11 doesn’t come at a higher price. The P10 had been released at £450, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, we think the price of this phone £550. This price is very important for a new smartphone.

Huawei P11 space

The smartphone is good for use when this smartphone has been a large number of internal storage. We can stay here high-resolution video and image. A huge 6 GB of RAM is expected to be included too, with 4GB of RAM being most certainly included. This is good for a smartphone. It is very high power to us everybody and looks awesome. It has 64 GB internal storage is a minimum of expandable storage.

Huawei P11 Design

Huawei P11 is very famous and most beautiful phone all of the smartphone. The Huawei P11 has an elegant design that comes in a fantastic skew of colors. Just like the P10 that came in eight different colors, we would presume the P11 will have a sapphire glass to converse its chassis.

Huawei P11 Feature

Nokia 10 Smartphone runs android latest version. Its display is very attractive. So that anyone likes to watch it and can buy it. All of the most important for every mobile phone that is camera feature! We expect Huawei to maintain it’s relationship with Leica and possibly includes a dual lens 20 Megapixel camera. We would like to see better post image processing with the Kirin chipset, as this is what leads the Google to produce such stunning images with its Pixel range.

Image: Huawei P11

It is large screen phone, great for watching videos, images and also use internet browsing which is more attractive for a user. This phone has 5.8 inches display and high screen resolution full HD 1,440 X 2,960 pixels.

It’s almost certain that the phone will be a 4G Dual-SIM. Higher Battery capacity generating means longer battery life. In this Phone has 3,200  mAh Li-ion Battery with quick charging.

The phone probably works as waterproof. When it goes into the water, it does not enter the water. With a single downward-firing speaker that will be able to playback 24-bit 96kHz audio. The phone will run on Android 8.0 Oreo too.

Finally, we hope everyone got a full idea of Huawei P11 release date, space, price and all other feature. If you have any question, you can call us or comment in the comment box that is your problem. We reply you back shortly. Thanks for visiting our website.