Apple iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Feature, Design

The apple is the best mobile company in the world. This company continues to launches every year. They are updating a smartphone with more technology and some of them have even improved over years. This phone model is iPhone 11. In this article, we discuss this phone release date, price, space, design, rumors, features and other important things that you are interested to know.

It believed that the Californian firn could include in their Smartphone. This brand is very popular in the whole world. The official invitations to the event have not yet sent. It would be the definite confirmation. That all the media are still waiting for Apple mentions that its material has the most resistant. We hope that if you buy this phone, you can prosper in life. Frist of all, you have to read all article about this phone step by step. Let’s talk about this topics.

Apple iPhone 11 image

Apple iPhone 11 Price

Regarding this price, these should be larger to those of the current version. It will start from $1038 for the 32 GB versions. In addition, the memory sizes should not have modifications either. It is very important the customer. This is what Apple will present in 2018. We also give you at a glance the choice the mobile.

Apple iPhone 11 Release Date

This year for the first time, the Cupertino could be preparing to launch new models. We will know about the new flagship of the apple want to reign in the market. This phone authority will launch this phone this year. With regard to the release date of the iPhone 11 could be presented during September 2018.

Apple iPhone 11 Features & Full Specification

Thanks to applications from third parties. Starting with the aesthetic part the iPhone 11 should have a totally renewed design. We would see the 5.8” display in the device. It would be super AMOLED with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. The company includes capacitive touch features in the display. The screen, for the first time, should have OLED technology. The edge-to-edge screen could make the touch ID. The front camera disappears integrate directly into the screen. It will place on the black of the device. We will get features of this device the wireless recharge. The iPhone 11 include the IP67 certification.

The RAm of the device should remain unchanged. That compared to the current generation of device. This is 3 GB for the base models and 4 GB for the larger models. We will get 12 MP and 8 MP cameras in iPhone 11. It could be possible to take photos of high-quality. Something we have already known IOS 11 in other operating systems.

We found with the panels of the new device and those of their successors. the new iPhone also improved in design. This is with respect to its predecessors with a resistant glass layer in the back. The new heart of the iPhone 11 comes with a configuration consisting of high-power battery.

We hope that you can understand all information about this phone. If you have any question about this phone, you can comment in our comment box. We reply you very shortly. Thank you so much.